3 Tips For Planning Your Estate

One of the things you may want to do is to decide on is how you will divide your estate among your friends and family. This can allow you to have a higher peace of mind and is necessary to ensure your assets are distributed the way you want once you're no longer living. The good news is there are specific tips you can use that will make this an easier job to accomplish. [Read More]

Parents Must Understand And Combat Online Grooming Behaviors

Sex crimes are often more subtle than overt harassment or assault. Sometimes, dangerous people use the internet to groom young children for sexual behaviors. Parents who are worried about this concern need to understand it and how to combat it in their home. Many Sex Crimes Start On The Internet While the internet has helped to improve communication and transform the world, it has also emboldened many people to become sexual predators of children or teenagers. [Read More]

Questions Answered About Spousal Support During Divorce

Many people are under the mistaken impression that spousal support (also know as alimony) is no longer available. If you are divorcing, you should understand provisions exist in every state that allow spousal support to be ordered, if needed. To get more information about spousal support and how it is used, read on. What is spousal support for? Originally, spousal support was way to help even up the playing field when a divorce occurred. [Read More]

Whom Do You Sue When Victimized By A Crane Accident?

When you're surrounded by heavy machinery and working at great heights, even small things like a sudden uptick in the winds around the construction site or a crane operator who is momentarily distracted can end up causing a serious injury. New York City alone has seen a tremendous number of accidents involving cranes in just the last 10 years. If you or a close surviving relative is the victim of a crane accident, how can you recover adequate compensation for your injuries? [Read More]